Any organisation's success depends on strength of human resources and very largely upon the quality and dedication of its work
force.The greatest symbol of being different in this business is persuing excellence with integrity and showing grace and mercy
towards co-workers and others.The success not only depends on the proper co-ordination and co-operation of its members but
also on customers of its finished products.

Our proper approach to handling a customer is really a consulative sell, where we go out,understand the requirements of our
customer and try to give the right product to them,working with all of our suppliers to find that right mix.

Nitin forgings & steel industries is one such organisation which is running under an able and dynamic personality shri B.S.Agarwal.
He has wide experience of over 25 years in the alloy steel industry. A man who motivates his team,provides a sence of vision,
clarifies organisational objectives and ensure that there subordinates are able to motivate those who work with them.

Thus,working towards a better tomorrow,we believe in laying a strong foundation. Our manpower is our back bone,on the strength
of which we have set out to achieve greater heights.

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